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As observed in the plot, weight percent grafting despite all these factors decreases with pressure.
-- Oxides in deinking sludge ash by weight percent. (a) Oxides Ash A Ash B Ash C PDS-1 Nadelman ash Clay Si[O.sub.2] 43.9 45.7 44.2 46.08 46.4 46.3 [Al.sub.2][O.sub.3] 33.4 33.0 44.1 33.34 40.6 39.8 CaO 7.94 8.85 2.6 9.01 7.4 0.04 Ti[O.sub.2] 5.55 5.54 2.94 5.8 1.5 1.55 MgO 2.14 1.65 1.19 1.71 0.9 0.1 [Fe.sub.2][O.sub.3] 0.71 1.67 1.13 .88 1.5 0.41 [Na.sub.2]O 0.41 0.63 0.22 .63 0.3 -- [K.sub.2]O 0.27 0.49 0.26 .34 0.00 0.7 [P.sub.2][O.sub.5] 0.23 0.32 0.47 .32 0.8 0.1 S[O.sub.2] 0.20 0.74 0.87 .59 0.3 -- L.O.I.
Approximately 24.42 weight percent of the foliages consisted of twigs.
The addition of the Fe-Si alloy at the first inoculation site was made by confirming the silicon weight percent in the base iron and then selecting the correct Fe-Si addition rate from Table 2.
1 Diesel fuel, Ultra-Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD), with a minimum cetane number of 40, maximum of 0.05 weight percent of Sulphur, aromatic content of 35 volume percent maximum, viscosity of min.
Key statement: A polymer having at least the following characteristics: a block styrene content with more than four consecutive styrene units from about 40 to about 70 weight percent based on total styrene content in the polymer; a vinyl content from about 25 to about 80 weight percent based on total amount of polymerized 1,3-diene; a styrene content from about 20 to about 75 weight percent based on total weight of polymer; and a molecular weight distribution (Mw/ Mn) of 1.5 or less.
It is comprised of an aqueous composition that contains, by weight, approximately 0.1-30% of a surfactant and approximately 0.003-5% of a perfume, wherein at least about 40 weight percent of the said perfume is one or more hydrophilic perfume ingredients selected from the group consisting of: ethyl vanillin; isoeugenyl acetate; heliotropine diethyl acetal; 2H-1,5-benzodioxepin-3 (4H)-one, 7-methyl-; 4-(4hydroxyphenyl) butanone-2; vanillin isobutyrate; helional; cashmeran; piperonyl acetone; methyl beta-naphthyl ketone; methyl dihydrojasmonate; lyral; and mixtures thereof.
It comprises about 20-80 weight percent of a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), which is a block copolymer with at least one hard block comprising vinylarenes and at least one soft block comprising dienes.
AFS Clay is a weight percent measurement of particles less than 20 microns.
Tenders are invited for Hydraulic Pallet Truck, Manual Type, 2.5 Tonne Capacity, Width Of Forks Percent U2013 160 Mm, Width Between Forks Percent U2013 220 / 265 Mm, Overall Fork Width Percent U2013 540 / 685 Mm, Fork Length Percent U2013 1100 Mm, Overall Length Percent U2013 1490 Mm, Minimum Height Of Forks Percent U2013 90 Mm, Maximum Height Of Forks Percent U2013 200 Mm, Net Weight Percent U2013 72 Kgs, Similar To Vanjax Model No.
groups in the molecule with one or more saturated polycarboxylic acids or acid anhydrides; the polyester acrylic polymer containing less than 10 weight percent aromatic content and having a number average molecular weight of 560-2500 and a viscosity less than 1500 cps at 70 weight percent NVM solids dispersed in 30 weight percent styrene based on the total weight of the polymer and the styrene; the polyester acrylic polymer blended with a polymerizable vinyl monomer.
It comprises 35 to 75 weight percent, based on the weight of the composition, ethylene-silane copolymer having 0.1 to 20 weight percent silane comonomer of a formula where R is a C1-4 alkyl group incorporated by copolymerization or grafting.