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Weil's disease is commonly treated with intravenous beta-lactams or a third-generation cephalosporin such as ceftriaxone.
The deadly pests and have been linked to dozens of diseases including Weil's disease, rat bite fever, and Q fever.
I have heard that people can contract Weil's disease from swimming in rivers - is it safe for them to take part?
Rats carry a host of infections, including the potentially fatal Weil's disease as well as food poisoning bugs such as salmonella.
Vermin, particularly rats, can spread fatal illnesses like Leptospirosis, more commonly known as Weil's disease.
LUCKY-to-be-alive gamekeeper Sean Mason has told how he nearly died after contracting Weil's disease from a mystery source - probably rats on his farmland.
People can also die from the Weil's disease which you catch from contact from rats' urine if it comes into contact with broken skin.
A report of the discovery of the causal organism (a new species of spirocheta) of Weil's disease.
In its reserved judgment the panel, referring to Miss Moon's grievances, said: "Of course the presence of rats can give rise to Weil's Disease which can be fatal.
We didn't want our leading man to catch Weil's disease, which can be caught from rat urine in water," the Telegraph quoted him as telling the Daily Mail.
The possibility that Adrian Ward died from Weil's disease has been ruled out but the results of a post-mortem examination are still pending.