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The tires sunk immediately into mud that slapped into the wheel wells like wet cement. When we slid to a stop, it felt like the tires settled another foot into the muck.
Before the door closed fully, though, my foot slipped on the wet cement and lodged in the door track.
Next morning, he found the "moss" had been wet cement that had since dried.
Their permanence was always astounding to me, too; laid in wet cement, either figurative designs or some sort of decorative pattern, they are a feast for the eyes.
Producer/director Alanis Obomsawin smiled broadly as she planted her hands in the wet cement and asked for a glass of champagne to celebrate the honor.
If your goals are too lofty, discouragement will set in like a footprint in wet cement.
They were watching me when, all of a sudden, I fell into wet cement! I cried.
However, getting permission to marry from a church to which he never belonged struck him as about as silly as trying to move the wet cement of church law with one's eyebrows.
He also has a number of stamps, including a Razorback, to press into the wet cement.
The tensor technology allows new post designs, eliminating wet cement joints during pump construction and rebuilding and upgrading the bearings to resist molten metal attack.
Former political notable Joseph Califano appears to be,wrestling in wet cement. Mr.