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I have been watching a labourer on Government Avenue in the last few weeks, pushing a wheelbarrow of mixed wet cement across eight lanes of traffic to a building opposite the cement mixer.
This is where small pebbles are thrown - dashed - or pressed on to the wet cement render.
Uncertain of her legal rights, she had the ashes sprinkled into a pile of wet cement and fashioned into a large concrete slab, so that carrying it back to Europe would be next to impossible.
The dead Egyptian worker, identified as Taha, was trapped under the debris and wet cement for many hours.
The tires sunk immediately into mud that slapped into the wheel wells like wet cement.
Before the door closed fully, though, my foot slipped on the wet cement and lodged in the door track.
The cat's paw prints also were embedded in wet cement in the front of the school on June 11, 1964, a scene Mason and Finley recall in their book.
Next morning, he found the "moss" had been wet cement that had since dried.
Producer/director Alanis Obomsawin smiled broadly as she planted her hands in the wet cement and asked for a glass of champagne to celebrate the honor.
He also has a number of stamps, including a Razorback, to press into the wet cement.
The tensor technology allows new post designs, eliminating wet cement joints during pump construction and rebuilding and upgrading the bearings to resist molten metal attack.