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WETHER. A castrated ram, at least one year old in ark indictment it may be called a sheep. 4 Car. & Payne, 216; 19 Eng. Com. Law Rep. 351.

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When purchasing a wether as a pet or brush-eater, ask the seller when the kid was castrated.
Of these, about 2,200 wethers were slaughtered to provide detailed carcass quality data, and 2,600 ewes are being evaluated for their maternal characteristics.
The Spanish goat, at that time, gave the wether the muscle, while the Nubian contributed the overall size, length of body, and structural correctness.
Rejecting Mr Porter's claims, tribunal chairman David Dim by low said the Wether spoon firm made it clear in their employment handbook that anyone dismissed for gross misconduct was not entitled to notice pay.
VICTORY: Teesside's Roger Williams on his way to winning the intermediate class at Wether Hill Farm
Currently we have five packable wethers (castrated male goats): one big, white 2-year old Alpine, "Captain," who is 190 pounds, 36" at the withers and gentle as a kitten; two Oberhasli wethers - "Napoleon," a 3-year old red and black beauty, 160 pounds, 34" at the withers, and "Mohawk," a yearling, 120 pounds and 31".
I can't really keep it because it's a wether (male),'' said Morris who is also raising a pig named Sweets.
Add Matter: After completing 87 percent of his passes in the final, Matter was asked wether he'd ever been that accurate, even in his backyard.
Newcastle pubs The Union Rooms in Westgate Road, The Keel Row in New gate Street and The Quayside on the Quayside are all taking part as well as Wether spoon's in the Metro Centre, The Job Bulman in Gosforth and The Fire Station in Whitley Bay.
Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky was concerned wether the consultant, which had contracts with Los Angeles International Airport, could be objective in studying expansion at other regional airports.
Matthew Wethers, hitting the best form of his season, was brought in to replace Tero Aarnio who had been instructed to rest with his recent rib injury.