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More than an organic computer, such interlaced wetware (the Drummers' network) plays the very role of a cyberspace, in which pieces of information are accreted and transformed to build up a massive intelligence or awareness, which, as the Neuromancer/Wintermute AI, exists as a suspended ghost-in-the-shell, although endorsing a social (not self-centered) purpose, thus becoming the key for the development of socialist inventions such as the Seed.
place real human forms at risk of extinction," primarily because "the flesh is burdensome wetware, exchanges are all symbolic in an electronic land of signs, and reality is virtual at best" (2000, 360, 361).
The DNS therefore mediates between the needs and preferences of wetware and of software.
A similarly slapstick moment occurs in the 1988 sequel, Wetware, when Detective Stahn Mooney (a.
AS expected, Galapagos Wetware becomes extremely upset when the clones escape.
Term used among crackers and samurai (hackers who hire out for legal cracking jobs) for cracking techniques that rely on weaknesses in wetware (human beings attached to a computer) rather than software; the aim is to trick people into revealing passwords or other information that compromises a target system's security.
Strauss: We talk about -- and I imagine this might be old news -- the 70-20-10 equation that the cost of computers, of technology, is 70 percent wetware, meaning people; whether it's client decision-making, planning, shopping or talking to vendors, training, support, implementation, 20 percent is hardware and 10 percent software.
Investments in hardware and software are always only as good as your investment in wetware (people).
To function productively in such a context, a recombinant, post-human, biologically hybrid, electronic, "Hypertext" body merging hardware, software, and wetware must displace the fully fleshed body; the (now) recumbent physical body is reenergized by "no-subjectivity," an "Alt.
While the latter framework is couched in terms of knowledge carried in hardware, software, and wetware, the former framework is posed as accumulations of four forms of "capital" or capability.