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WHARFAGE. The money paid for landing goods upon, or loading them from a wharf. Dane's Ab. Index, h.t.

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A huge parking lot has also been developed near the new Deira wharfage.
For a copy of the supplement see Gibbs, Shallard and Co, 'Proposed Wharfage Improvements ] 883', XVI/1883/1, Mitchell Library.
Now in its second phase, Wharfage has expanded to consider the towns in the northwest of India where most of the dhows are made, and various ports of southern Iran that represent the other main trade routes from Sharjah.
Port charges include: transit passage fee, wharfage, agency fee, pilot dues and other different types of fees and charges (garbage collection charge, water and light dues etc).
The property is set eight feet above road level on The Wharfage, Ironbridge's main riverside roadway.
1-2, two urgent task orders were placed against a contract with the North Carolina State Port Authority for port operation services that included dockage, wharfage and trash disposal in Morehead City, N.
The HI DOT relies on wharfage fees as its source of information on cargo flows, and like the COE, asks the carriers to convert data to short tons.
That business, South Wales Wharfage, came to an abrupt end when the Second Severn Crossing was built through the very wharves which he used to import coal.
It has been a rocky but ultimately rewarding half year for the council since the ship's timbers, which were initially thought to be wharfage possibly as recent as the industrial period, were discovered during the construction of a theatre and arts centre on the River Usk in June.
MPC reports that wharfage charges have reduced by more than 44 per cent over the past three years with the wharfage charge of A$25.
Thus, a state is not prohibited from imposing a reasonable charge for services such as pilotage and wharfage, charges for loading or unloading cargoes, and charges for similar services provided by a state to a vessel.
Long-term, the government is studying the possibility of seeking World Bank backing for a $37-million modernization project to amplify wharfage facilities and to improve navigational access to the port.