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STEVEDORE. A person employed in loading and unloading vessels. Dunl. Adm. Pr. 98. Vide Arrameurs; Sac

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By contrast, the process by which the Melbourne wharfies rid themselves of the dreaded National Service Bureau, set up by the Federal Government in 1917, thereby also ridding themselves (or at least nullifying the influence of) the scabs it recruited, has not been established.
She mentions elsewhere in her narrative that the Melbourne wharfies took strike action in 1919:
(6) Beasley is correct in stating that the Dethridge Royal Commission was a response to the industrial action taken by the Melbourne wharfies at the same time as the seamen walked off the job in May 1919.
The industrial dilemma facing the wharfies in Fremantle, Melbourne and Sydney in 1919 was a consequence of the hard line taken by conservative state and federal governments in late 1917.
Gladys O'Shane's early political experiences were as a wharfie's wife.
(59) Joe McGinness and fellow wharfie Joe Guivarra, Gladys O'Shane, a member of the WWF Women's Committee, and pensioner Harold Jackson described as a 'courageous fighter for his people' were reported as comprising the inaugural executive.
Queensland cane-cutters and wharfies seemed more open to new ideas, and more attracted to communist ideology than labourers in other parts of rural Australia.
(34) Concetta Fierravanti-Wells, quoted in Michael Bodey, 'Bias fears over ABC wharfie war series', The Australian, 12 August 2006, http://www.the,20867, 20098910-7582,00.html Accessed 1 October 2006.
(27) Their productions about wharfies, miners and other workers that recorded their struggles for safe and just working conditions offered a legacy influential on Zubrycki's films.
H: Overhearing a conversation--a wharfie's wife phoning in and saying that she needed money out of the bank account, and the man telling her that there was only eighty dollars left.
Every time I see a group of seagulls sitting--I used to drive him to work and he'd say to me, `Hazel, that's the dead wharfies having a meeting'.
When they say if it starts to rain the wharfies stop work, they don't realise that the wharfies are walking around on slippery, dangerous decks and they need to stop work.