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MESSENGER. A person appointed to perform certain duties, generally of a ministerial character.
     2. In England, a messenger appointed under the bankrupt laws, is an officer who is authorized to execute the lawful commands of commissioners of bankrupts.

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In the neighbouring United Arab Emirates, most Skype applications and Viber calls are blocked, but WhatsApp messenger remains accessible.
SECURITY agencies may have found a way to intercept highly encrypted BlackBerry Messenger ( BBM) services, but other similar applications such as WhatsApp messenger and free service Viber which enable millions of users to call and text appear to be having a free run.
THE hugely popular free instant messaging system WhatsApp Messenger is at number one again in the paid-for iPhone app chart this week.
WhatsApp Messenger The thieves were nabbed by exchanging messages with the help of International Mobile Station Equipment Identity (IMEI) number of the stolen cellphones to their friends using WhatsApp Messenger all over the Sultanate.
Zynga Poker was the higest grossing iPhone app in 2012, beating WhatsApp Messenger and Bejeweled Blitz in the App Store's Best of 2012 chart.