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But this gun will also appeal to the S&W fan for whom there's nothing else quite like the Combat Magnum, a wheelgun that's designed to play on the defensive side of the ball.
And I have to admit that this is a darn good looking wheelgun.
With official testing complete, I left the sandbag and shot offhand and from field positions to evaluate the practical accuracy and ergonomics of the massive wheelgun.
Caption: Nighthawk Custom's middle-of-the-road wheelgun offering is this Mongoose, a more traditional .
We have policeman who have shot nothing but 9mms because that's what they're issued; bird hunters who have never shouldered anything but a 12-gauge because they've no need to do otherwise; and we even have modern-day "frontiersmen" who never even thought of owning a gun until they witnessed the spectacle of Cowboy Action Shooting and the blazing speed at which an old single-action wheelgun can be employed
Fast-forwarding to the present, prior to writing this column on my old wheelgun, I hadn't fired it in some 15 years--a travesty, I know.
Ruger's wheelgun became a staple of Alaskan guides and fishermen who carried it as a defensive sidearm to protect them from brown bears.
You certainly do not have to be involved in competition games to appreciate the satisfaction from shooting a fine wheelgun.
There is no question the S&W 460XVR expands the hunting potential of the wheelgun design, but to what degree?
22 rimfire, 10-round wheelgun with adjustable sights, Hogue grips, a full-length ejector shroud, muzzle heavy/jump-free, built like a masonry sanitary facility, great DA/SA trigger, and a ball to shoot.