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WHELPS. The young of certain animals of a base nature, or ferae naturae.
     2. It is a rule that when no larceny can be committed of any creatures of a base nature, which are ferae naturae, though tame and reclaimed, it cannot be committed of the young of such creatures in the nest, kennel, or den. 3 Inst. 109; 1 Russ. on Cr. 153.
     3. The owner of the land is, however, considered to have a qualified property in such animals, ratione impotentia. 2 Bl. Com. 394.

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Both were 1993 whelps, born two months apart, Staplers Jo having commenced his Irish stud career in 1997, a year ahead of Top Honcho.
SIBLINGS Rosewood Mike and Rosewood Daisy, November 06 whelps by Top Savings out of Redwood Rose trained by Yvonne Oxley, got caught up in some family rivalry at Hull.
This year's Classic, for 2007 whelps, closes to entries on Sunday at noon and the first round will be run over two nights, next Thursday and Sunday.
When his bitch puppy Dreaming Fairy (Henchman-Fairy Dream) reached the semis of the Great Western Cup at Wiltshire Champion Meeting in 1868, the Coursing Calendar reporter noted that she was "one of four puppies which Mr Deighton has at last been able to rear, and I mention this from the fact of her dam Fairy Dream having at different times no less than 60 whelps, none of which had previously lived to show in public".