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WHELPS. The young of certain animals of a base nature, or ferae naturae.
     2. It is a rule that when no larceny can be committed of any creatures of a base nature, which are ferae naturae, though tame and reclaimed, it cannot be committed of the young of such creatures in the nest, kennel, or den. 3 Inst. 109; 1 Russ. on Cr. 153.
     3. The owner of the land is, however, considered to have a qualified property in such animals, ratione impotentia. 2 Bl. Com. 394.

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The Australian dog would have been 16 in 2009, a longer than usual time to wait for a first brood sire title, second only to the 17 years that the 1984 whelp Murlens Slippy took to secure his one and only success in 2001.
None of his previous 20 open victories had garnered a purse in excess of pounds 500 for owners Lance and Pam Burford, the former of whom handles the training of the October 2004 whelp.
The bare figures disguise performances of varying merit, but with Irish winners Like A Shot (Derby), Grayslands Pixie (Oaks), Disguised (Cox Cup) and Inkys Dote (Lifford Oaks) also figuring among Larkhill Jo's 2002 whelps, they must have serious claims to be the best on his annual output roster.
Madam Alright's bumper litter of 13 by Kiowa Shawnee So was born in March 2003, followed six months later by a batch of 10 Honcho Classic whelps.
Restricted to September 2002 whelps or younger, the 480m event is for 18 greyhounds over 480 metres next Tuesday.
In 10th place with 29 different scorers, He Knows has the biggest percentage of older winners, nearly half being 1998 and 1999 whelps, and although he sired nearly 40 litters in 2001, his last full year at stud, only one of his 29 winners is a 2001 whelp.
HWALTHAMSTOW received an interesting entry for tonight's Young Ones Standard, a race restricted to May 01 whelps or younger.
Her first litter, by Trade Official, contained Poole's pounds 3,000 Golden Crest hero Docs Arizona, while Oklahoma Gold's siblings included Circuit winner Palacemews Lad and Scurry Cup fifth Melbridann, the three Roanokee whelps having won a total of 27 opens to date.
Even so, the divorce took place well before 1977, but whatever the reason, the average Puppy Derby winner nowadays has three to four months' more growth on him than formerly, making successes by the May whelps Astra (1944) and Glen Rock (1976) unlikely to be emulated.