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WHIPPING, punishment. The infliction of stripes.
     2. This mode of punishment, which is still practiced in some of the states, is a relict of barbarism; it has yielded in most of the middle and northern states to the penitentiary system.
     3. The punishment of whipping, so far as the same was provided by the laws of the United States, was abolished by the act of congress of February 28, 1839, s. 5. Vide 1 Chit. Cr. Law, 796; Dane's Ab. Index, h.t.

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Whether it's done in a modern stand top mixer, or one that is hand held, cream lends itself to the unrelenting delights of whipping and, under the whip, as it were, metamorphoses from milky liquidness to a thick creamy non-flow consistency.
That the accused has committed the offence deliberately and intentionally, he could be subjected to whipping punishment.
Gary gave examples of how whips are used as steering aids and also mentioned that if whipping the horse caused it real pain the horse would associate racing with a negative experience and would therefore be upset and agitated at the races.
There are some vaguely topical references, but Whipping It Up exists in its own parallel version of contemporary political history.
The Victor Meldrew star of TV's One Foot In The Graveisin a play called Whipping It Up at The Lowryin Salford Quays.
Home chefs can create a variety of products without whipping, whisking, or messy cleanup.
But lately I am becoming more and more concerned by the sight of jockeys unmercifully whipping their horses.
Observers watch the race and judge if whipping is excessive.
The whipping of Richard Moore was in many ways an unexceptional event in the context of Reconstruction.
With its innovative whipping coil and special motor, the Latte-Whip takes only seconds to whip coffee, milk and even low-fat milk into a cloud of foam for a perfect cup of coffee.
Heavy whipping cream (36 to 40 percent fat) whips most readily, and at best can double in volume (depending on which whipping tool you use).