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Herbert Edelhertz has given another definition of white-collar crime. His definition of white-collar crime was as "an illegal act or series of illegal acts committed by non-physical means and by concealment or astuteness, to obtain money or property, to avoid the payment or loss of money or property, or to obtain business or personal advantage" (Edelhertz, 1970).
Blanco focuses her practice on similar matters, including white-collar crime, government and internal investigations, FCPA issues, criminal and civil tax issues, anti-bribery counseling and response to subpoenas.
Hay & Kilner handles a broad range of white-collar crime and fraud instructions including money laundering investigations and predominately acts for individuals.
A former NAB official, who recently left a senior position at the bureau, said: 'It is so difficult to convict anyone in a white-collar crime case that there is a need to bring in new legislation for this purpose.'
In a statement Mr Howlin added: "Out of 13,000 gardai in the country, the notion that one can't be found to head up our investigations of white-collar crime within the ODCE is not credible.
In this Live Webcast, a panel of distinguished professionals and thought leaders assembled by The Knowledge Group will provide the audience with an in-depth discussion of the latest trends and critical issues with respect to White-Collar Crime Enforcement.
Meanwhile, Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a ( memo on prosecutorial priorities that said the agency would be focusing on violent crime - and which left out any mention of white-collar crime. 
The course will be followed by evaluation exam of candidates on March 31, certificate of 'White-Collar Crime Investigator' will be awarded to successful candidates on the same day.
Understanding White-Collar Crime: A Convenience Perspective
In the white-collar crime arena, the problem is the opposite.
The paper, by analysing the leniency and negligence of the factory owners in advocation and adaptation of OHS provisions as deterrent to workplace accidents, then attempts to justify labelling this laxity as white-collar crime. An epistemological discussion has further been narrated to establish this claim.
He said he would push new efforts to get guns off the streets, and reduce healthcare costs and foreclosures while putting a special focus on white-collar crime.