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This very process, Hopkins and his staff thought, was a dangerous threat to morale--but especially to the morale of the white-collar worker.
The scales depict the choice of the speaker depending upon the language use patterns of white-collar workers versus blue-collar workers and of males versus females.
He provides a few possible answers, one in particular that renders suspect the motivations of academics: in the current social hierarchy, in which white-collar workers are on top, the researchers, who are themselves the very white-collar workers they write about, benefit by maintaining the status quo.
White-collar workers (56%) reported using social media more than Qataris (35%) and blue-collar respondents (35%).
Especially the new generation of white-collar workers had taken risks for their careers and left for overseas jobs.
For white-collar workers, there is no big difference in estimating by OLS the total labor cost elasticity with the reported or the constructed firm average wage (ln [w.
Of course, the metonymy also extends to the lives of and economic realities enmeshing the white-collar workers whose bodies Havel bids us imagine and thence to corporate hierarchies and all that they imply.
announced that it, too, would freeze pension plans for its white-collar workers.
Given that blue-collar workers are less likely to practice healthy lifestyle behaviours than white-collar workers (Morris, Conrad, Marcantonio, Marks, & Ribisl, 1999), there is a need for health policymakers and health-promotion practitioners to address the circumstances of male blue-collar workers.
But occupational cancer affects blue-collar workers more than white-collar workers.
3 million salaried white-collar workers who were not entitled to overtime pay under the pre-existing regulations.