Whole blood

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WHOLE BLOOD. Being related by both the father and mother's side; this phrase is used in contradistinction to half, blood, (q.v.) which is relation only on one side. See Blood.

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These data could be useful in recommending the use of whole blood instead of plasma for the molecular diagnosis of acute symptomatic and asymptomatic Zika virus infections and for the safety of whole blood and blood components from donors, as well as for the safety of organs, tissues, and cells from deceased and living donors.
Laboratories that use whole blood should assay the sample immediately, or centrifuge it immediately (within 30 minutes), or store it at 0-4C.
Then 300 ml of whole blood was drawn from each pig via a jugular venous, cutdown with a large-bore needle.
Alford reported at a CDC meeting last fall that the product can inactivate West Nile virus in whole blood.
When extracting from whole blood, the samples, reagents, Xtrana Xtra Amp plate and PCR master mix are placed on reagent carriers and loaded onto the deck of the STAR by the Autoload system.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a revised guidance recommending universal testing of donated whole blood and blood components for Zika virus in the U.
Contract notice: MIROCALS Study Flow cytometry cell subset numeration in human whole blood and monitoring of pNF-H in CSF and plasma samples by ELISA.