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WIDOWHOOD. The state of a man whose wife is dead or of a woman whose husband is dead. In general there is no law to regulate the time during which a man must remain a widower, or a woman a widow, before they marry a second time. The term widowhood is mostly applied to the state or condition of a widow.

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Widowhood also is financially challenging, though somewhat less so, according to the survey.
Exhaustive notes and bibliographical references, beyond the Gambara and Nogarola families and early modern women writers in Italy, included are ample sources on women humanists and their education, widowhood in early modernity, female patronage, and cultural programs in northern Italian courts.
Finally, widows cope better than widowers with the stress deriving from the loss of a partner and widowhood.
Widowhood in Nepal can only be understood if one understands what it means to be a Hindu wife.
We want to laugh, learn, and be inspired as we celebrate women everywhere who are thriving as they transition through divorce and widowhood.
If "Baffled'' can show them how to continue on before they need to face that time, they will probably find it easier to accept her widowhood without fear.
In addition to female genital mutilation, crimes committed in the name of so-called honour, forced and child marriage, and polygamy, recommendations also highlight other harmful practices, such as virginity testing, binding, widowhood practices, infanticide, and body modifications, including fattening and neck elongation.
Set in a small town in County Wexford, Ireland, in the early 1970s, it is the story of a mother navigating the first, tentative days and months of a premature widowhood.
It could also be due to the emotional support and care they receive from outside that network trumps the widowhood effects they see in other conditions.
The story moves a bit slowly, weighed down by Erica's personal life, complicated by her widowhood, the pressures of her studies, her own insecurities, and the raising of her 15-year-old daughter.
Wendy Manning, co-director of the NCFMR said that as the baby boomers age, they expect to see a continual rise in living solo as older Americans experience widowhood and divorce
At the start of the study, one in four women said they had experienced at least one stressful event, such as widowhood or unemployment.