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He is nude but for a jeweled clout, and wearing a wierd [sic] headdress, with cymbals in his hands; he is carried to the table where he starts to dance.
Mijn liefste & dierbaar pand wierd van mijn voor Eewig genomen.
They prefer late night shows, impromptu basement gigs or wierd seafront venues in Scarborough.
His manager just laughed but Skinner had wierd dreams that night, starring psychologist Carl Jung who was giving him a lesson in rap.
Seattle's Band of Horses formed after the Carissa's Wierd dissolved.
Within a short time he soon became the leading figure in this field with such now-classic drawings as 'A March to the Bank' (1787), 'The Wierd [sic] Sisters' (1791), 'A Voluptuary Under the Horrors of Digestion' (1792, featuring a bloated George IV when Prince of Wales) and 'Temperance Enjoying a Frugal Meal' (1792, featuring George III and Queen Charlotte).
Among the weighty issues to be addressed will be the politics of Page Three's models, ECHO death notices, wierd tales from around the world and what shape the Fourth Grace should be.
Dean's real crime, argues Salutin, was that he spoke too clearly and forthrightly about the gross political opportunism of Bush's recycled Cold Warriors in exploiting their own wierd geopolitical concoction, the so-called War on Terror.
Then you throw more money at the project and you come up with some wierd and wonderful new aliens of course.
The latest - and most wierd - purports that Western intelligence agencies knew about it all along.
He even grew to anticipate each next hammer's clap with a wierd martyr's pleasure (if this is their worst, I welcome it, O keep it coming), but after an hour or two, the oddly seductive rhythm took a lethal turn.