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"As well as catering for all of your style needs, Wild Iris also hosts regular evening events."
Petrie was Emmy nommed as helmer of "The Man and the City" (1972), "The Execution of Raymond Graham" (1986), "A Town Torn Apart" (1993), "My Name Is Bill W." (1989) and kids program Emmy winner "Mark Twain and Me" (1992); he produced "Name" and "Twain." Other TV credits include "Kissinger and Nixon," "Calm at Sunset," "Inherit the Wind" and "Wild Iris."
But it was the publication of The Wild Iris (1992), a radical departure from this confessional experiment, that established Gluck as a major contemporary poet.
There are snakeshead fritillaries, orchids, wild iris, garlic and foxgloves and three pages of plant varieties found in the varying habitats, all recorded by the Botanical Society.
In the age eight to eleven catergory first prize was awarded to Elena Joannides, of Earlsdon Avenue South, Earlsdon, for her wild Iris picture and second prize went to Natasha Handcock, of Sewall Highway, Bell Green, for her primrose painting.
Yet Gluck's development in the next three books --Ararat, The Wild Iris, and Meadowlands--is one of the great examples of redeployment in our time.
Outstanding Actor, Movie or Mini-series: Albert Finney, The Gathering Storm Outstanding Actress, Movie or Miniseries: Laura Linney, Wild Iris
climax in her Pulitzer Prize-winning book The Wild Iris (1992), where
Sarasota loves Gena Rowlands, as demonstrated once again at the world premiere of her latest film, Wild Iris, by the Sarasota Film Festival at the Hollywood 20.
In the Santa Ana Botanical Garden in Claremont, Calif., Our Lord's Candle offers a philosophy of life completely different from its neighbors, wild iris and the delicate poppy.
Garden club members dug in 1,000 native plants, 35 species in all, including wild iris, cattails, sedges and arrowhead.
The Wild Iris Project, part of the Institute for Sustainable Forestry in Humboldt County, is attempting to do just that.