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Jiang, "Genetic diversity of cultivated and wild tomatoes revealed by morphological traits and SSR markers," Genetics and Molecular Research, vol.
A wealth of genetic variation has been found in wild tomato species (Rick, 1982; Miller and Tanksley, 1990).
After finding a wild tomato that carried the gene they wanted, they would cross a commercial variety with that wild plant.
A wild tomato from the Galapagos Islands (Lycopersicon cheesmanii) has been used for several purposes in breeding, including improving solids, but one of the unexpected results is that it contains as much as 40 times more vitamin A than regular commercial tomatoes.
Wild tomato species have the ability to defend themselves by producing natural defence compounds that have a toxic or repellent effect on insects.
Resistance to Tomato chlorosis virus in Wild Tomato Species that Impair Virus Accumulation and Disease Symptom Expression.
NSF-funded researchers at the Boyce Thompson Institute (BTI) in Ithaca, New York, and partnering institutions have created a pan-genome that captures all the genetic information in 725 cultivated and closely related wild tomatoes, a resource that promises to help breeders develop more flavorful and sustainable varieties.
This pan-genome includes all of the genes from 725 different cultivated and closely related wild tomatoes, which revealed 4,873 genes that were absent from the original reference genome.