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First, the 8-most nucleotides at the 5' terminus of the original sequence were not included because of difficulties amplifying this region from wild-type virus.
Of the two GT3 patients with biologic failures, one did not have baseline RAVs and also had wild-type virus at relapse.
Nonetheless, slow speed of kill is a serious disadvantage that has led to develop large number of recombinant baculovirus during the last 20-plus years, mainly with toxins genes from scorpions or spiders which kill insects faster than the parent wild-type virus.
A marker vaccine allows vaccinated animals to be distinguished from those infected with wild-type virus.
This could be enough to reduce the circulation of wild-type virus sufficiently to create a significant immunity gap in adolescent and young women in this population.
At the time of virological rebound, while population sequences obtained by routine genotypic resistance testing showed a wild-type virus, analysis of 200 clones derived from five separate PCR reactions showed NNRTI- as well as NRTI-resistant mutants at frequencies between 0.
Each resistance mutation may be characterized by two factors: 1) level of associated phenotypic resistance, measured as an X-fold reduction in susceptibility compared to the wild-type virus, and 2) specificity of resistance mutation to one or more drugs.
Through the company's research and development work, Baxter has been successful in growing wild-type virus in its vero-cell culture, which means that the company could begin vaccine production without having to wait for high-growth or attenuated virus reassortants normally used when vaccine is produced in eggs.
The scientists reckoned that these viruses most likely originated in recently vaccinated children or their close contacts from an OPV-using country, which shows that New Zealand "remains vulnerable to vaccine or wild-type virus importation.
Wild-type virus is usually found in an HIV+ person who is not taking meds.
In one aspect the mutant virus is capable of protecting a susceptible species immunized therewith against infection by the corresponding wild-type virus.
In addition to this so-called wild-type virus, rivers and sewage host another type--one derived from the very vaccines used to prevent polio.