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Further progress stemmed from the collaboration of John Adams Whipple, a studio daguerreotypist in Boston, and William Cranch Bond, a clockmaker by trade and first director of Harvard College Observatory.
Harvard Observatory was begun through the initiative of William Cranch Bond, who had made observations for some years at his home and then moved to Dana House in 1839.
I had been sifting through the diaries of William Cranch Bond and his son, George Phillips Bond, Harvard's first two astronomers, when I noticed that on October 30, 1847, the Bonds had as guests "Prof.
Ring C was independently discovered in November 1850 by Dawes in England and by William Cranch Bond and his son, George, at Harvard College Observatory ("Saturn's Enigmatic Crepe Ring" S&T, September 1998, page 116).
When Harvard Observatory director William Cranch Bond and his son George turned the newly installed 15-inch refractor to it in 1847, they saw it sprinkled with stars.
Whipple, working under the direction of William Cranch Bond, was carrying out an experiment with the great 15-inch refractor at Harvard College Observatory.
A number of talented assistants worked at Harvard Observatory under its first director, William Cranch Bond.