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Foxgloves have a particular association with Birmingham through the work of the 18th century physician and botanist William Withering.
ERASMUS Darwin, Matthew Boulton, William Withering, Joseph Priestley and Joseph Attwood will take a sponsored walk through Birmingham to help promote and fund a forthcoming theatrical production.
In exile he continued to campaign actively against apartheid and, after a period at the Royal Free Hospital and Mill Hill, he was appointed William Withering Professor of Medicine at Birmingham University.
Fe wnaeth William Withering hefyd sylwi, os oeddech chi'n cymysgu sudd y blodyn yma hefo llefrith ei fod yn tynnu'r gorchudd afloyw oedd ar y llygaid, a medda fo "does dim dwywaith na fydd meddyginiaeth fel hyn yn cael ei defnyddio rhyw ddiwrnod i bwrpas pwysicach".
Over 200 years ago, William Withering recognized the difficulty of working with natural products, He was acutely aware of potential toxicity and realized that the effectiveness of his preparations depended on the variety of the plant, storage conditions, temperature at which the extractions were carried out, and of course on dosage.
ADIGOXIN is an extract of the European foxglove, which was discovered by William Withering, a famous Birmingham physician and botanist.
So it was that in October 1793 that William Withering, physician and member of the Lunar Society, caught a boat bound for Portugal.
The Larches Estate was still dominated by a great house built by William Withering, the doctor who discovered digitalis, and the Sparkbrook races were run on a nearby field in 1857 and 1858.
The study came as the University of Birmingham Medical School celebrates 180 years of medical research, and follows in the pioneering footsteps of Birmingham doctor William Withering.
In October 1782 the Birmingham doctor, William Withering, purchased an 18-inch reflecting telescope, though there seems to be no record that he did anything with it.