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The first one who is affianced will have the pearls, Madame has said it, and I have a fancy that the little turquoise ring will be given to you when you go, for Madame approves your good behavior and charming manners.
Hal went to work on the Wills farm because there was a country school teacher out that way who had taken his fancy.
I hope the squaw who owns the gourd has more of them in her wigwam, for this will never hold water again
The reader, who perhaps has never held much converse in the language of far-off Lithuania, will be glad of the explanation that the place was the rear room of a saloon in that part of Chicago known as "back of the yards.
It has not the vitality and force of a single living man; for a single man can bend it to his will.
When I work, Father, be sure there will be no devil's work connected with it.
I had so many plans for her this next month in fitting her for her position, and now she will settle down to housework again, and to the nursing of that poor, sick, cross old aunt.
Yes; and I will do it now;" and having directed him to the servants' hall, and recommended him to the care of John's wife, and the attentions of John himself, I went in search of Mr.
She dictated the last momentous sentence of the will (from the rough draft in her own possession) in these words:
If thou be changed into this shape by the will of God," say the seers to the enchanted, in the wise Arabian stories, "then remain so
It will cost,' returned my aunt, 'to article you, just a thousand pounds.
Umslopogaas," I answered, "has gone where the king's arm cannot stretch, for he is dead; and for my wife Macropha and my daughter Nada, they are by now in the caves of the Swazis, and the king must seek them there with an army if he will find them.