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Section 2 discusses the related work on short-term wind speed predictions.
In September 2007, when Typhoon Wipha hit East China, the measuring equipment discussed above successfully recorded the wind speed in these locations and the acceleration response of transmission tower number 160 under the effects of the typhoon.
Reference [23] and [27] are our previous papers in the field of wind speed prediction.
The monthly mean values of wind speed in two cities are shown in Table 1.
Wind speed is expressed in miles per hour (mph) or meters per second (mps); 1 mph is equivalent to 0.447 mps, conversely, 1 mps is equivalent to 2.24 mph.
Besides, the lowest humidity was recorded in April with just 35.3 per cent and the lowest wind speed with 5.3 knots was in January, October and November.
This wind speed was measured using anemometer and measurement was made at various locations with time.
"A wide area of dust has been generated over Kuwait and eastern Saudi Arabia due to high wind speed and it is expected to affect Bahrain.
In 1836, Charles Darwin observed a curious phenomenon on the island of St Helena--pronounced variations in wind speed that occurred as the prevailing winds flowed around the island's exposed volcanic terrain.
Several methods can be used to evaluate wind resources at a specific site; these methods include interview of people with local knowledge to identify regions with high and/or low wind speed, measurements only, measurement-correlation-prediction method, use of global databases, wind atlas methodology, site data-based modeling, and mesoscale and microscale modeling [4, 5].
Wind speeds of 70-80mph are likely around coastal areas, especially in Devon and Cornwall, as well as Wales and north-west England.