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MESSENGER. A person appointed to perform certain duties, generally of a ministerial character.
     2. In England, a messenger appointed under the bankrupt laws, is an officer who is authorized to execute the lawful commands of commissioners of bankrupts.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Microsoft's extensive Hotmail directory can be accessed and searched from within both MSN Messenger and Windows Messenger (Tools > Add a Contact).
There are several more reasons for Windows Messenger users to migrate to Skype.
Finally, Fleming sends a copy of itself to each contact in the infected machine's Windows Messenger contact list.
Microsoft has stripped several applications which had often come preinstalled on a new computer, such as Windows Messenger and Windows Movie Maker.
A TO use NetMeeting or Windows Messenger, you do need to sign up for one of the free "accounts", such as Hotmail or a Passport account.
PC users that receive the patch will have the chance to manage, customise or remove Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, Windows Media Player, Windows Messenger or Microsoft's Java Virtual Machine.
Under the agreement Callserve's Internet telephone software will be part of a downloadable update to the Windows Messenger feature within Windows XP.
The market anticipates heavy volumes of SIP voice traffic, generated by the Windows Messenger features incorporated in the Microsoft Windows XP operating system (set to launch October 25, 2001).
Changes that will be included in Service Pack 2 include pop-up ad blocking, an improved firewall that is on by default, warning messages for online applications, e-mail web graphics will no longer be loaded by default, some spyware will be blocked, users will be informed about Windows updates and Windows Messenger Service will be turned off by default.
With Windows XP you have a program called Windows Messenger which will do the job.