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Snowy conditions, like the ones we are experiencing this week and the ones being forecasted for next week, are where winter tires shine.
Another way to choose the right winter tires for your car is to know the size of its wheels.
Braking performance is dependent on the flexibility of the material" Which is why winter tires need more rubber than summer tires: the cold attenuates the flexibility.
Purchasing a second set of sturdy wheels -- nothing fancy; after all, it's winter -- on which to mount your winter tires will make it easy to change galoshes when the seasons change.
The manufacturers pointed us to independent tests showing how winter tires compare to offseason tires.
In addition, the company's Ultra Grip Ice WRT winter tires are marked with the Severe Snow Conditions Symbol (Mountain Snowflake Symbol), a designation from the Rubber Manufacturers Association and the Rubber Association of Canada, which distinguishes tires that meet certain performance criteria in winter condition testing.
Winter tires feature a softer rubber compound than conventional tires.
Prices for winter tires will be increased on April 1, 2007.
On the sidewall, the new winter specialist displays not only the product name and the many mandatory identification marks but also the stylized checkered flag from the U-UHP summer tire SportContact 6, as well as the familiar snowflake motif that appears on the other winter tires from Continental.
The Road Infrastructure Agency calls for careful driving and mandatory winter tires.
The rubber composition for studless winter tires includes: a rubber component including NR and BR; an aromatic oil; silica; and carbon black, wherein the combined amount of NR and BR is 30 mass % or more per 100 mass % of the rubber component; the amount of aromatic oil is 12-85 parts by mass per 100 parts by mass of the rubber component; the silica content is 45 mass % or more per 100 mass % in total of silica and carbon black; the silica includes at least one silica (1) with an [N.