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Wireless technologies played a big role in opening up the lines of communication during the 2005 hurricane season.
Businesses are embracing wireless technologies, recognizing that in order to remain competitive in the new economy the ability to retrieve data at one's fingertips is a must, says the vice president and chief information officer at Contact North/Contact Nord.
Even then, says Forrester Research analyst Mark Zohar, 3G wireless technologies are unlikely to replace wired business networks.
Insurance companies are using the Internet and wireless technologies to arm their sales forces with tools to better serve clients.
A major factor favoring greater deployment of wireless technologies in manufacturing is the ability of wireless applications to enable new and better ways of operating manufacturing plants, and process manufacturing stands to feel the greatest impact.
11n spec in 2006, which will increase bandwidth and performance of Wi-Fi solutions, thus making them more competitive with new and established broadband wireless technologies.
It is imperative that the public and private sectors work together to ensure that first responders can communicate during emergencies and have access to the latest wireless technologies.
com/reports/c22467) has announced the addition of The Impact and Opportunities for Bluetooth and Other Wireless Technologies in the Car to their offering.
There is too much automotive focus on longterm wireless technologies that have yet to emerge into the market and currently have no clear commercially viable applications.

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