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Pay attention to signs of physical well-being (wisdom of the body).
This edition of the well-known text on the connection between mythology and storytelling contains a revised chapter on the Star Wars series, new illustrations and diagrams, and new chapters (presented in the appendices) on life force operating in stories, the mechanism of polarity in storytelling, the wisdom of the body, catharsis, and other concepts.
Hans thus celebrates intuition (198), or the "wisdom of the body" (104, 190), often regretting its neglect nowadays whenever it fails to square with our rational accounts of the world.
Dancer Segarra and bassist Cabrera end the work with a brief, poignant epilogue, "What's Heart Got to Do With It?" Here, Soto shows us more than simple nostalgia for a lost home; instead, she reveals how memories of the past, anomie in the present, and the quest for a safe harbor in the future all come together in the wisdom of the body.