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. No Wise Men is at the Playhouse from December 3 to January 15.
No Wise Men is, it sounds, a very British production, but the green-eyed stranger that Jack meets on Christmas Eve has a thick Spanish accent.
"The French president's original view was to have a group of wise men to discuss the frontiers of Europe's future.
This meant there could have been half a dozen three wise men, all women and none of them necessarily very wise.
As the conversation expanded - in volume as well as in participants, with Uncle Mehdi arriving about halfway on his way home from a party, it became clear that one of the wise men - the tallest one - had something special to sell.
Hughes demolished most of the bluster of his fellow Wise Men, particularly scaremongering around an off-course SP.
Artists, too, contributed to the story with their delight in painting, sculpting, and drawing the Wise Men, and soon they became an indispensable part of the Christmas story.
The parade, which represented the three wise men's journey to deliver gifts to the baby Jesus, weaved its way through the streets.
By this time I was looking mournfully at my donkey, my oxen, my star over the Christmas tree and the Three Wise Men. They weren't there, either.
"Poor Mary, the Three Wise Men, the Angel Gabriel and an ox were looking at an empty manger.
The three wise men | |and their camels make their way along Church StreetPictures: RICHARD WILLIAMS
I'm sure the Wise Men's arduous journey was worthwhile and they had a genuinely happy Christmas!