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WISTA. Among the Saxons, this was a measure of land; it contained a half hide, or sixty acres.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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WISTA is a networking organisation for women at management level in the maritime industry which aims to facilitate the exchange of contacts, information and experiences among its members, promote and facilitate the education of its members, and provide liaison with other related institutions and organisations worldwide.
Actualites Eecrit par Danielle Engolo Asmaa Benslimane, presidente de WISTA Morocco Aujourd'hui, encore, plusieurs secteurs parmi lesquels le secteur des metiers lies a la mer, restent domines par la gente masculine.
In addition, the city's cruise manager Angie Redhead was recently named WISTA (Women in Shipping and Trade) International Personality of the Year and has been appointed chair of Cruise Britain, the organisation which works to promote Britain as a world-class cruise destination.
The key players in the Global Online Video Platform Market are Brightcove, Kaltura, Ooyala, thePlatform while other prominent vendors include Amobee (Adconion), Anvato, BrightRoll, Bubblecast, Castfire (Emerge Digital), ClicFic, ClickStream TV, ClipShare, Coull, Digitalsmiths, Doovle, Ebdsoft, Endavo, Ensemble Video, Flumotion, KIT Digital (Piksel), Limelight Networks, Longtail Ad Solutions, Magnify, MediaCore, Panopto, PermissionTV,, Pixability, Ramp, Samba Group, SpotXchange, VBrick, Vidcaster, Viddler, VideoBloom, Vidizmo, VMIX Media, Vzaar, Wellcomemat, Wista
The official of Peshmerga forces operations south of Kirkuk, Wista Rasoul said that the elements of Daash attacked the villages of small and large Humera and al-Murra, al-Nawafel, al-Shahid complex, located on the road to Kirkuk hand Rashad, 35 kilometers south of the province targeted Peshmerga sites, indicating that the goal of the terrorists was to progress towards Mary Bek, but the Peshmerga repulsed them with the support of the international alliance aircraft which direct strikes to the elements of Daash and their vehicles.
I'm a Wista kid, class of 1969 at Burncoat Senior High School and class of 1973 at what was then Worcester State College and the paper has always been a huge part of the life of this keyboard-pounding chronicler of events.
Armed with just a wooden field camera, a Japanese-made Wista 5inx4in, Paul has captured stunning photos of the ruins of ancient buildings dotted across Wales.
Wista is an international organisation for women in management positions involved in the maritime transportation business and related trades worldwide.
Meetings with members of WISTA (Women's International Shipping and Trading Association) (9:00) and with Agriculture, Food and Forestry Minister Paolo De Castro.
The best-known Little Poland monasteries include those located in Biecz (founded in 1624),(36) Wieliczka (1623-24),(37) Cracow (1625-28),(38) Kazimierz nad Wista (1627-28),(39) Przemysl (1629), Lvov (1628-33), and Stopnica (1633).(40) These were foundations created at an earlier period of the organization of monastic structure; that is, before the elevation in 1639 of the hitherto "custodia" to the rank of "province."(41) Although initially there were only a few priests in every reformists' house, by the "Deluge" (1655) they had clearly outdistanced several dozen other religious orders.