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The right of an individual who is holding a Commercial Paper, such as a check or promissory note, to receive payment on it from anyone who has signed it if the individual who originally made it is unable, or refuses, to tender payment.

Recourse is the right of the holder to recover against a prior endorser, who is secondarily liable. When a check is endorsed without recourse, it signifies that the endorser will not be liable to pay in the event that payment is refused.

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n. the right to demand payment to the writer of a check or bill of exchange. (See: check, bill of exchange)

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the right to demand payment, especially from the drawer or indorser of a BILL OF EXCHANGE or other NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENT when the person accepting it fails to pay. Hence, without recourse is a qualified indorsement on such a negotiable instrument, by which the indorser protects himself from liability to subsequent holders.
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