Won judgment against old landlord

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Country: United States of America
State: Arizona

We won a judgment against our old landlord for withholding our deposit money and using it on the closing when he sold the house while we were in the process of moving out. The lease contract was between two bodies, lessee and lesser. He is not paying on the judgments so we filed a writ to collect from his bank account which the judge signed. We served the bank with the forms and they responded back "your suit is against an individual not an LLC" so the bank will not freeze his account. The landlord has his bank account under an LLC with just his name on the LLC. How can we go around this with out filing a whole new case under the LLC. All letters and prior checks (for repairs we did to the house sense he did not)were under his LLC except for the lease agreement (form). How can we file the judgments against his credit to all the reporting agencies? The judgments was for $5,000 and we are allowed to keep tacking on expenses to this amount until we collect.


Ask the judge if he will amend the order...he may do so...
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