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The Wonderworks, which has its offices at Lindley and workshops at Halifax, has built a festive display in time for Christmas for The Marlowes Shopping Centre in Hemel Hempstead.
WHITE HOT: Panama City Beach resort * UP FUR FUN: With Monsters Inc FLAMIN' GOOD: Indiana Spectacular TOPSY-TURVY: WonderWorks
President of Canoga Park-based WonderWorks John Palmer and his partner Brick Price, left, reflect on Saturday's loss on the set of a space shuttle constructed for ``Space Cowboys.
We get a close look at highlights like the pyramids, the stelae of Axum, the Great Mosque of Djenne of mud architecture fame, the pillar tombs in Milindi, one of the surviving ancient Swahili towns on the Kenyan coast, the Gate of No Return in Ouidah in Benin, and countless other wonderworks of the past.
Grooms' three-dimensional wonderworks are a total vision of th, city.
As executive producer of WonderWorks, his production of Anne of Green Gables brought Emmy, Peabody and Christopher awards.
Former Dewsbury Art College student Rob Curran is combining his creative talents with business know-how as founder and director of The Wonderworks.
Between the three towns people can participate in more than 75 family fun Smoky Mountain attractions including Dollywood, Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies, Wonderworks, Dixie Stampede, souvenir shops and places to eat.
The Bobker Group, developers from Sydney, Australia, are currently developing over 500,000 SF of residential condominium projects in the New York Area, including Morgan Lofts, a $80m condo loft project at 36th and 5th in Manhattan, and a joint-venture of 127 Twin Tower condominiums in White Plains opposite Nieman Marcus, and 42 luxury units in Gravesend, Brooklyn, adjacent to the prominent Syrian Jewish community, with well-known Russian general contractor, Joe Klaynberg from Wonderworks.
A lone security guard stands watch over the entrance to the hangar while a crew of technicians from US company Wonderworks prepares the "shuttle" for its 10-day mission.
CANOGA PARK - Walking around the working area at the special effects firm WonderWorks these days is something like going on a mini-whirlwind trip around a discombobulated world.
Broadway at the Beach is also home to three hotels, Hampton Inn, Fairfield Inn and Holiday Inn Express, plus WonderWorks, Legends in Concert, Ripley's Aquarium, Palace Theatre, Carmike's Broadway Cinema 16, the Pavilion Nostalgia Park (featuring nine rides from the former Pavilion Amusement Park), and Celebrity Square.