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** Wooden comb, compact tines had 0.45 mm gap and the widely spread 1.7 cm gap.
Many of the landscapes in Passage at Delphi are so intricately described that readers enjoy a "you are there" feel as they absorb Lauren's adventures, contrasting past and present worlds and providing vivid associations between the two: "Lauren walked to the window, dragging a wooden comb through the snarls of her long hair.
In some large bowls at the exhibition at the Beaux Arts Gallery in Bath, November 2012, I saw for the first time rhythmic incisions in a curving triangular shape made with a coarse wooden comb. Throughout his career, Batterham has relied on the glaze gathering in the minor changes in the surface, whether they be horizontal grooves or chatter markings and this often emphasises the way in which he has modified the thrown piece.
Wooden comb making is also common in various parts of the country.
These articles of faith are Kesh, Kanga, Kara, Kachera and Kirpan -that translates from Punjabi as uncut hair, which is a gift from god, a wooden comb to keep hair in place under turbans and an iron bracelet, which serves as a reminder to follow a moral code.
Empire, 2006, is a large wooden comb laced with hundreds of staples; the gold foil and kanji covering its top are worn away, as if the sculpture were Ozymandias, broken artifact from a vanished desert tribe.
The Kara is one of the five Ks of Sikhism, the others being the Kesh (uncut hair), the Kanga (wooden comb), the Kaccha (specially designed shorts) and the Kirpan (sword).
Aromessence Stimulating Concentrate and lip balm, moisturizing after-shave balm, toning gel, wooden comb, lint brush, cotton tips, dental set with toothpaste, Plax Fresh mouthwash, and earplugs.