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The views of these ex-Muslims show that Kerry's word choice is potentially far more damaging than he had perhaps considered.
But word choice errors, like all errors, are part of the natural process of second language learning (Rafoth, 2015).
The software measures skills competency in nine primary areas: grammar, punctuation, spelling, word choice, sentence structure, paragraph development, presenting, people skills, and persuasion.
The patient/client word choice is not the only conundrum facing field professionals, of course.
Many steps allowed some word choice and helped avert worse disasters, but the stories definitely still require translations.
This word choice implied that methods other than the Vatican-approved rhythm method were acceptable.
It's a chance to tell a story, drawing them in by your word choice, vivid details, honesty and warmth, whether your theme is humorous, dramatic or something in between.
The translations are also strong, with natural word choice and dialogue that pays attention to the nuances of class as the poor and the wealthy speak to one another.
Always be selective in your word choice so that the meeting's overall aura is positive and fosters a sense of team spirit.
A team led by Dr Isabelle Boutron developed a system for scoring "spin" by evaluating word choice and looking for emphasis on secondary endpoints or references to "comparable effectiveness" or "equivalence.
To some Democrats, Obama's word choice is spot-on, a reflection of the themes he used to get elected and the concerns on the minds of Americans.
We do believe the author was not successful in his text, perhaps due to failure in word choice or due to insufficient sourcing of the information.