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His choice for that term was slightly unfortunate for it maligned the manifold contributions made by Aristotle to a number of fields, but Korzybski's word choice was meant to single out some primary notions in logic that were attributed to Aristotle and enforced within classical teaching for hundreds of years.
The patient/client word choice is not the only conundrum facing field professionals, of course.
The software measures skills competency in nine primary areas: grammar, punctuation, spelling, word choice, sentence structure, paragraph development, presenting, people skills, and persuasion.
Magna Carta & SMS messaging includes text messaging in its explorations of the socio-linguistic dimensions of word choice.
What do her word Choice and tone reveal about her view Of the people who participated?
This book could have a multitude of classroom application possibilities including, but not limited to: color words, rhyming words, word choice, and science.
Perhaps a better word choice would have been interdicting as encounters between diesel submarines and carriers are usually the result of the submarine pre-positioning in an area where the carrier is expected to be operating or transiting.
That has two effects--one, it makes the story of immigrant strangeness and assimilation even more believable (the language itself is the evidence of both mastery and the fact that certain tones and meanings remain elusive); and two, one reads and stops, trying to decide when an awkward word choice is accidental or intentional--and that means that the reader is not ever entirely in the story.
The word choice is paramount in Government legislation on this," he said.
Word choice can be used to define a position, person or issue.
I am a big fan of John Connor, and have often shaken my head over the silly and even petty letters I have seen objecting to his views, word choice or what have you.
Clifton's precise diction, her simple yet sophisticated word choice, is a staple of her poetry.