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The quite accessible New Explorer Dictionary Of Word Origins (1892859661) provides both students and browsers with an easily-used format where entries are arranged alphabetically for quick look-ups, but provide plenty of cross-referencing for complete word understanding.
Medical Meanings: A Glossary of Word Origins, 2nd edition.
Dining word origins you probably never thought about: While you're enjoying the choices of the last page in this dining room section, you might savor some of these little facts.
There are also biographical entries and details of word origins that help explain terminology.
In fact, the ultimate generosity of Toula's family at the young couple's wedding, as defined through the father's comically poignant speech (where he finally puts his obsession with Greek word origins to good use), might be labeled "You can't take it with you.
Starting with a short overview and classification of word origins, the authors proceed to presenting the extralinguistic history of English.
The authors' first task is to set out their stall by talking in general about word origins.
John Ayto, Dictionary of Word Origins (New York, 1990).
He once spent an entire holiday leafing through a dictionary of word origins.
The pen also offers idioms, word origins, phonetic representation, parts of speech, alternate spellings, usage, syllables, and keeps a personalized dictionary of all scanned words.
The user can also listen to pronunciations, find etymologies describing word origins, and view grammar info.