Words of Art

Words of Art

The vocabulary or terminology of a particular art, science, or profession, particularly those expressions that are peculiar to it.

Though a society may share a common language, there are many specialized uses of words based on human activities. An examination of any profession, for example, will yield many expressions that are idiomatic or peculiar to it. For the person working within the profession, these become words of art, which usually convey a meaning much different from the normal use of these words, or which may be completely baffling to an outsider.

Because the law is based on the expression of language, it contains thousands of words of art. Many persons working outside the legal profession would recognize that "taking the Fifth" means that a person is asserting his or her protection against Self-Incrimination under the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. However, very few persons would understand that an appellant is the party bringing an appeal, while a respondent is the party against whom the appeal is taken. Appellant and respondent are words of art.


Term of Art.

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words of art

n. 1) specialized language with meaning peculiar to a particular profession, art, technical work, science or other field of endeavor. 2) jargon known only to people who specialize in a particular occupation.

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If they would, for example, praise the beauty of a woman, or any other animal, they describe it by rhombs, circles, parallelograms, ellipses, and other geometrical terms, or by words of art drawn from music, needless here to repeat.
Valdes, first let him know the words of art; And then, all other ceremonies learn'd, Faustus may try his cunning by himself.
Directed by award-winning documentary filmmaker Jeff Roldan (Words of Art, Miracles in Action), CYBER CRIME explores the world of cyber crime and its impact on businesses and individuals.
Every profession, such as law, medicine or engineering, has its own words of art. In law, for example, words such as consideration, performance and sanpering have meanings different from their normal use.
The words of art critic John Ruskin, quoted above, allude to Lewis's artistic mission and provide an unexpected link between the disciplines of art and science: In Lewis's meticulous attention to detail and in the careful research of this month's scientists, we witness the tireless pursuit of truth.
In the words of art historian Edward Luice Smith, Naqsh re-absorbs Ingres and re-forges links to the sensuous tradition that plays so large a part in Mughal miniature painting.
of Calgary) introduces this collection of six translated essays and a biographical essay that brings to English-speaking audiences recent French "word-and- image" studies of the ways in which the images and words of art and everyday life interact.
They are words of art and should be taken as such, with the agent or broker advising his or her client to think about the worst-case scenario when purchasing insurance and that the agent or broker is not a person who can properly and totally calculate the cost to repair.
Its corridors decorated with precious words of art, vases and tapestries, The Duke's charm lies in its attention to detail.
In the words of art critic Guy Brett, "This was a figure for the process by which Brazil 'swallowed' various world cultures in order to create its own, not in a predatory fashion but in a spirit of anti-colonialist rebellion." Andrade's oral metaphor took such hold almost half a century later that artist Helio Oiticica would define the resistance of Brazilian culture to external influences-its ability to ingest other cultural information instead of succumbing to some international style--as a kind of "super-cannibalism." And Lygia Clark considers the con cept overtly in works such as Cannibalismo (Cannibalism) and Baba antropofagica (Cannibalistic slobber; both 1973).
Further, as a new chapter to the Code, it would have undoubtedly been ripe for potentially conflicting interpretations and cry out for clarification of new words of art used in the statute, thus resulting in protracted litigation over many of the provisions of the new chapter.
Roldan Companies Inc., known for documentaries I-ology and Words of Art, will premiere an original documentary film CYBER CRIME at select movie theaters nationwide this May.