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Officials said that James escaped from a CYA work furlough program in July 1997.
Police were searching for Luis Rojas, 23, who allegedly escaped from a Department of Corrections work furlough program with Brian James Rogers, 23, at about 8:30 a.
That was the first time we knew where he was since he left work furlough on the 5th (of February).
1, although he could be eligible for work furlough, which would allow him to work at his job as a surveyor during the day and serve his jail sentence at night.
The issue here, according to the article, is that the criminal was ``prosecuted under credit card laws and sentenced to a work furlough program.
Frank said her alter ego, who was prosecuted under credit card fraud laws and sentenced to a work furlough program, got the credit information from a computer database that private investigators use.
2 million to alleviate some overcrowding at the Tatum Center by renovating the former adult work furlough complex at Camarillo Airport.