Working days

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WORKING DAYS. In settling laydays, (q.v.) or days of demurrage, (q.v.) sometimes the contract specifies working days in the computation, Sundays and custom-house holidays are excluded. 1 Bell's Com. 577, 5th ed.

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Indian consul passports Sandeep Chowdhary said Indian passports will now be issued within 5 to 8 working days maximum.
Revised data showed that output adjusted for working days grew this July by 4.
Regular passport processing in the regional consular offices will take 30 working days and 20 days for express processing.
Once the DFA gets its new machines "properly installed and working," express processing shall take 10 working days while regular processing will take 20 working days.
Output adjusted for working days fell the most in the food industry, where it was almost 17% lower than a year ago, primarily due to industrial action.
Cotton bags with UN Design & manufacturing of tailored cotton bags with color UN Women Design: 200 pC women andSDGs and SDGs logos: 3 working days material: cotton 100% Production:Size: 480mm x 320mm x 100mm 10 working days Linen density; minimum 60 gf m.
GL01: performing the annual AnrechenbarkeitsprE-fung at 15-20 organizers AMM for fiscal 2015 amounting to a total of 40 working days
10 May 2010 - Finland's industrial output, adjusted for the number of working days, rose 1.