Working days

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WORKING DAYS. In settling laydays, (q.v.) or days of demurrage, (q.v.) sometimes the contract specifies working days in the computation, Sundays and custom-house holidays are excluded. 1 Bell's Com. 577, 5th ed.

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A six-hour working day would reduce our agility, and add complexity with a whole myriad of logistical, training and process challenges to overcome.
The increase in working days lost in 2014 was mainly attributable to a number of large-scale public sector strikes.
Programs, structure and composition of the government should be submitted to the Parliament for consideration within 7 working days since nomination.
Alison McInnes MSP, the Lib Dems' justice spokeswoman, said: "Every working day lost due to injury from assault is a day lost protecting our communities and keeping our streets safe.
Last Eid Al Adha, government departments were shut on three working days -- Sunday to Tuesday (November 6-8, 2011).
People will also be able to earn interest on a cheque no later than two working days after they pay it in and they will be able to withdraw the money no later than four working days after depositing it.
And MNAs with a custom nozzle-plate thicknesses ship in 10 working days.
You can make a claim if your mail arrives three or more working days after the due delivery date, which is the next working day for first- class post and three working days for second class.
THE amount of working days lost to strikes last year was the lowest in 30 years.
He then has five working days to review it and veto any changes the council made.
This system allows us to go from ingot to heat-treated castings to shipping in 5-7 working days and from ingot to heat-treated and machined castings in 7-9 working days with minimal inventory.
This acquisition is expected to close within 7-14 working days