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Country: United States of America
State: Virginia

A few months ago I got injured at work. They told me I shouldn't go to the doctor but I did anyway because my arm was swollen and bruised and felt like it could be broken. A few weeks after my injury I left and we aren't really on speaking terms(in other words they hate me to sum it up).Well a few weeks went by and I got a letter from Patient First (hospital I went to) saying that my workers comp claim had been denied and that it was now I had to pay the bill. So I told my former employer about it and a week or two later I got something from what I believe to be their insurance company. So I filled it out and mailed it back to them. I received another letter from patient first saying the same thing a few days after that and thought nothing of it because I thought it was going to be worked out. So today I open my mail box and I have another letter from Patient First saying its my final notice or they are going to send my bill to a collection agency. It said my claim had been denied again and my employer had been notified. So my question is am I responsible for paying that bill even though I was hurt while I was working, or is my former employer responsible for it?


Your employer normally should pay--you may sue in small claims or other court if need be--ask the employer to state their reasons in writing.
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