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An international, scholarly forum on world civilizations, held in China in May 2014, explored the need for a global system of ethics.
Despite the lack of detail, many of the themes should resonate with scholars of Old World civilizations.
Professor Ash Amin, director of the Institute of Advanced Study, said that against a backdrop of 9/11, the wider war on terror, and the intensifying clash of world civilizations "we are seeing the resurgence of biological readings of race and racial difference, the rise and rise of religious fundamentalism, and growing skepticism towards principles of living with difference.
An argument could be made that the pendulum is swinging towards a grander scale once again as universities increasingly respond to globalization by replacing western civilization classes with those focusing on world civilizations.
As part of their general education requirement, all University at Buffalo undergraduate students must complete a World Civilizations course.
As Muslims born and raised in the heart of the West, we are in a unique position to understand the fault lines between those two world civilizations," said Amir Butler, a member of A True Word's editorial board based in Melbourne, Australia and a convert to Islam.
I have chosen philosophers because theirs is the archetypal intellectual role, which goes back several thousand years in each of the world civilizations, and from which have branched off most of the specialized disciplines (xviii).
For centuries it has been a dominating companion of world civilizations.
Basic arts education must give students the essence of our civilization, the civilizations which enrich world civilizations as a whole.
She said that Sindh, the soil of magnificent history, amazing archaeological evidences and colorful culture has a vital place among the world Civilizations.

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