writ of mandate

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writ of mandate (mandamus)

n. a court order to a government agency, including another court, to follow the law by correcting its prior actions or ceasing illegal acts.

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Supreme Court issued its opinion in Daimler, the California Court of Appeal summarily denied BMS's petition for writ of mandate.
The court concluded that the document was privileged and issued a Peremptory Writ of Mandate.
The Court of Appeals denied the unions' petition for writ of mandate and the Supreme Court granted the plaintiffs' petition for review.
Mileikowsky filed a petition for writ of mandate alleging that he had medical and surgical privileges at ETRMC since his appointment to membership on its medical staff in 1996.
COURT'S OPINION: The court issued an alternative writ of mandate ordering the Superior Court to "vacate" the order of December 4, 2002, denying the defendants' motion for summary judgment, and entered a new and different order granting the motion; or in the alternative, that cause be shown why a peremptory writ should not issue.
COURT'S OPINION: The plaintiffs petition for writ of mandate was granted.
Tonsekar filed a petition for a writ of mandate seeking to set aside and reverse the decision sustaining summary suspension of his medical staff privileges.