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6 billion reais ($31 billion) of potential asset writedowns outlined in notes to its unaudited third-quarter results in January.
Including writedowns on its soon-to-be sold Cheuvreux brokerage, its Italian consumer credit business, Spain's Bankinter, and losses on its own debt, the bank slumped to a quarterly loss of 2.
Excluding net writedowns and recoveries on the sale of securities, other non-interest income for fiscal 2009 decreased 5.
The company, which announced the mark-to-market writedowns in April, said assets under management fell to pounds 130.
Exhibit 1, page 59, shows a sophisticated postauditing system that monitors writedowns (the blue shaded portions).
An asset writedown may be a signal of forthcoming corporate restructurings that may enhance the economic value of the firm or may signal bad news about future cash flow expectations.
After a number of cost cutting efforts and asset writedowns across its operations in the country, Vale, a Brazilian mining giant has decided to sell its coal mine in Queensland, Australia.
The European parliament is resisting pressure from Germany to speed up rules on creditor writedowns with Swedish legislator Hoekmark stating that markets and investors needed time to adjust, and that it could not be rushed.
It is unclear whether the private sector, represented by the Institute for International Finance, would accept such a large writedown.
Despite this, it said it did not see the need for any significant writedown of its land values in the six months to the end of June 2008, although it said it was keeping the value of its land bank under constant review.
A&L took a [pounds sterling]192 million writedown on the value of risky assets it holds in its treasury portfolio, after a [pounds sterling]185m hit last year.