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4 million on June 30, 2003 due to earnings of the preceding twelve months offset by the recent writeoff and due to cash dividends and repurchases of shares, offset by additional common stock issued on exercises of employee stock options and an increase in the market value of available-for-sale investment securities.
YTD 2005 2004 Variance % Change LTFD Corporation $1,247,390 $867,240 $380,150 44% Entertainment 1,506,665 1,535,285 (28,620) (2%) Hospitality 13,722 (93,724) 107,446 The negative variance in Entertainment is attributable to the bad debt writeoff while Hospitality improved measurably.
7 million writeoff of costs relating to the Company's exchange offer for its senior notes, which was discontinued because of Vialog's pending acquisition by Genesys S.
Charges and writeoff in connection with terminated receivable sales agreement 747,707 -- Interest expense, net 615,552 470,139 1,363,259 470,139 Loss Before Income Tax Benefit (2,532,238) (2,232,239) Income Tax Benefit -- 200,000 Net Loss $(2,532,238) $(2,032,239) Net Loss Per Share (0.
2 Million for the writeoff of debt discount and deferred financing costs in the second quarter.
The staff accountant failed to compare writeoff percentages and thus did not notice the variance from the main store.
Operating income, excluding the asset impairment writeoff, was $75.
While Fitch has some concerns with the writeoff related to this matter, it was not large enough to warrant a change in CATIC's rating or undermine the company's strong balance sheet fundamentals.
For example, management may want to overestimate cash flows to avoid writeoffs; at other times, management may believe a significant writeoff will benefit the company long term and underestimate cash flows.
The bulk of the loss was attributed by company officials to a previously announced writeoff of $138,000 in dry hole costs associated with the Bellerophon well on the North West Shelf of Australia.
81) Weighted average number of ordinary shares (basic) 10,492,050 10,497,521 10,492,050 10,531,855 The results of the six months ended June 30, 2001 include one time charges that total $3,429,000 as follows: (1) Inventory writeoff of $1,061,000; provision for layoff of employees of $275,000.