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Tenders are invited for Sale of writeoff Auqmention tubewells situted at Tehsil Umari Distt.
9 billion third-quarter writeoff, so its shares have dropped 35 percent.
A recent study of 4,350 vehicles imported from the UK showed that in 2001 almost 1 in 10 was a writeoff.
Britain's most celebrated writeoff is being auctioned on eBay, but the starting bid of pounds 2,500 seemed rather too optimistic for what is largely a bent dragster.
They raised about $10 million from Oz investors, who will get a 100% tax writeoff and a guaranteed return of 42%, payable in five years, from the Film Finance Corp.
Announcing two new takeovers, it added that recent acquisitions boosted its annualised turnover to pounds 35 million, while earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and goodwill writeoff was pounds 1 million, compared with a loss of pounds 100,000 last time.
As a result, when Lemon's crime came to light, a huge writeoff was necessary, almost bankrupting the store.
Tenders are invited for Proposal For Writeoff And Demolition Of Old Godown Opposite To The P.