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TUTOR, civil law. A person who has been lawfully appointed to the care of the person and property of a minor.
     2. By the laws of Louisiana minors under the age of fourteen years, if males, and under the age of twelve years, if females, are both, as to their persons and their estates, placed under the authority of a tutor. Civ. Code, art. 263. Above that age, and until their, majority or emancipation, they are placed under the authority of a curator. Ibid.

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Another explanation is that another survey, such as the Peer Writing Tutor Alumni Research Project (Hughes, Gillespie, & Kail, 2010), is a better instrument to gauge the long-term benefits of tutor research since most of the respondents to my survey, by design, were tutors who had only recently participated in tutor research or were still participating in those projects.
When the writing tutor asks a question, he or she needs to step back and wait, letting silence allow the student to feel the tutor's confidence that the student has the capacity to formulate a solid response.
Section III, "Research Methods for Writing Tutors," is specifically dedicated to preparing tutors to design a research plan.
Using purposeful sampling (Creswell, 2014; Jones, Torres, & Arminio, 2014), I interviewed three individuals who represented the MU Athletics Department at various levels: Ralph Smargin, the athletics director, Charlotte Carren, the tutorial coordinator, and Patrick Hollett, a writing tutor and Ph.
Their work builds on the Peer Writing Tutor Alumni Research Project by Bradley Hughes, Paula Gillespie, and Harvey Kail, which surveyed over a hundred former tutors to gauge their level of professional development in writing centers.
Macfarlane, a creative writing tutor in the UK, offers ideas and inspiration for teachers, tutors, and literacy coordinators.
We are delighted that the classes will be led by local writer Norah Hill, who was a creative writing tutor for Leeds University adult education and a well-published writer.
The winners received their certificates from creative writing tutor Gale Barker, Kirklees College principal Peter McCann, curriculum team leader for English, Jo Huszcza and functional skills tutor Sandra Payne.
Gordon Phillips, a creative writing tutor for the Workers' Educational Association, will see eight members of his writers' workshop give readings of their work at Jesmond Community Festival tomorrow.
Interestingly, the advice professors gave was rarely discipline-specific or even graduate student specific; any writing tutor would suggest, as these professors did, that a student take advantage of a professor's offer to read drafts, write clearly, and so on.
Writing tutor John Whitehouse said: 'Writing based degrees are proving to be very popular student options, but our broadcast facilities take us one step further, allowing students to experience radio in exactly the same way as seasoned broadcasters.