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WRITS, JUDICIAL, practice. In England those writs which issue from the common law courts during the progress of a suit, are described as judicial writs, by way of distinction from the original one obtained from chancery. 3 Bl. Com. 282.

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A nongovernment organization of lawyers on Wednesday urged the Supreme Court to issue a new protective writ that will look into the spate of drug-related killings amid the Duterte administration's war on drugs.
e ocial writs are issued on behalf of the Queen by the Clerk of the Crown in Chancery at Westminster and, according to custom, are delivered by Royal Mail to the Mayor of the Borough who is the Returning Ocer for Parliamentary Elections.
This article will discuss the legal underpinnings of extraordinary relief and outline the standard procedures for filing writs by defense counsel, trial counsel, and special victim counsel.
21) The writ ad prosequendum has been used for centuries at common law to transfer prisoners from one jurisdiction to be prosecuted in another and has been recognized as one of the oldest writs available to the federal judiciary.
These Writs can also be written by the players to increase their opponents' Pokemon levels for a more challenging and rewarding battle with higher prizes including amazing items such as pearls, nuggets and even a comet shard.
The common law special writs available to Florida state courts are fairly well known to Florida practitioners, thanks in large part to several informative articles in this publication.
Frazer said four other writs are to be served in the near future.
Legal representatives for eight men freed from the notorious detention camp in Cuba are said to have issued writs against MI5 and MI6.
In the medieval courts, writs of habeas corpus had several purposes, and took many forms.
After moving to Oregon the arrival of spring brought my first invitation from my friend Scott Anderson to help him serve writs of a fashion to some rats in the form of rifle fire.
Writs signed by the Queen have been delivered to returning officers in the constituencies to officially enable them to run the election on May 5.
The act, passed by Congress, defined the Court and gave it the power to issue writs.