written law

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It was against this backdrop that the British introduced the written law under which anyone guilty of a crime, howsoever high a post he might have held, could be punished if he violated the law.
A society can have "written law" without writing, of course;
So again: What standard does this Court have with regard to applying concepts, such as the demands of the ecology or social justice or natural law, when it has not been reduced to written law or at least not specifically so?
The jury chose to nullify the written law prohibiting mutual combat.
(13) Recent scholarship has downplayed the local or customary aspects of the genre altogether to suggest that the varieties of written law encountered in precolonial Southeast Asia--whether dhammasattha, royal law, or vinaya--are united in frictionless consensus about the nature of law, equally conditioned and legitimated by a vision of Buddhism derived from the Pali canon and its commentaries.
This man espoused purely personal reasoning without a single reference to written law. The Second Amendment makes no reference to types of weapons.
We are a nation of written law and the oath of office is to uphold that written law.
There is no written law concerning 'wasta', and anyone who didn't live here, but read the statute books and the Press, wouldn't know it existed.
Although there is no written law against women driving, they are not issued licences, effectively banning the practice.
Saudi Arabia has no written law barring women from driving - only fatwas, or religious edicts, by senior clerics following a strict brand of Islam known as Wahabism.
While there is no written law that specifically bans women from driving, Saudi law requires that citizens use a locally issued license while in the country.
* A person shall not be deprived of life intentionally, except to the extent authorised by this Constitution or other written law.