written constitution

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For it to be so, the United Kingdom would require a written constitution for him to have undermined.
A written constitution that provides guidelines towards social justice and embodies the ideas and principles of equality and the pursuit of happiness for all would ensure that there is real democracy rather than retaining a feudal medieval class system that exploits the common people.
For that matter, the British constitution is also silent on referendum (Britain does not have a written constitution).
We do indeed need a written constitution. Without one, politicians and judges can just make it up as they go along and get away with whatever they can get away with.
We have no written constitution but there are rules and Bercow dug them out from 1604.
Pakistan is a country which has a written Constitution of strict laws against the unlawful and gruesome extrajudicial acts.
(43) The Constitution's text identifies only the written Constitution as the subject matter of constitutional interpretation.
Primitive and illiterate societies have no written constitution or laws; nor did most countries of Africa before the advent of European rule.
Sri Lankan President is a creature of the written constitution of the country.
'We once stood proud of our beautifully written Constitution, with a Preamble that highlights how we revere our 'independence and democracy under the rule of law and a regime of truth, justice, freedom, love, equality, and peace',' Robredo said.
I paraphrase, but this is the accepted legal opinion regarding referenda: Where no written constitution exists, the primacy of Parliament is paramount and the result of a referendum can only be advisory.
Hence, the need for a written constitution. The political powers of government derive their authority from the Constitution.