WRONG-DOER. One who commits an injury, a tort-feasor. (q.v.) Vide Dane's Abridgment, Index, h.t.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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He is implacable--and yet if a man's brother or son has been slain he will accept a fine by way of amends from him that killed him, and the wrong-doer having paid in full remains in peace among his own people; but as for you, Achilles, the gods have put a wicked unforgiving spirit in your heart, and this, all about one single girl, whereas we now offer you the seven best we have, and much else into the bargain.
For years past I have continually been conscious of some power behind the malefactor, some deep organizing power which forever stands in the way of the law, and throws its shield over the wrong-doer. Again and again in cases of the most varying sorts--forgery cases, robberies, murders--I have felt the presence of this force, and I have deduced its action in many of those undiscovered crimes in which I have not been personally consulted.
While they had been quite little boys, the scrapes they got into in the School hadn't much mattered to any one; but now they were in the upper school, all wrong-doers from which were sent up straight to the Doctor at once.
No parent likes to think that their child is or will be a wrong-doer, even when that child is misled and sails into the wrong, misguided company.
Yes, jails are there to punish the wrong-doer and protect the innocent.
The statement underscored firmly that the authorities have instructed the proper legal organs to bring to account any wrong-doer who took part in last night's burning down of the campaign rally headquarters.
"No guilty (person) or wrong-doer will be spared," Mukherjee said.
It is very strange that someone who has identified a wrong-doer, and probably saved further patients from harm, should not be celebrated and protected.
At least five times in the study, the police force punishing a wrong-doer by destroying her egg included a worker who later laid an egg herself.
Another American wrong-doer with a Welsh connection is gangster Llewelyn Humphreys or Murray the Hump, one of Al Capone's right-hand men.
A man with a passion for Mamma Mia must either be a wrong-doer or is taking a break from watching the Wizard of Oz - needless to say these women should be more careful.
Before you start imagining a team of crack detectives ready to swoop on any tennis wrong-doer for taking - rather than making - back-handers, let me tell you that the game's anti-corruption unit comprises two men, and possibly a dog, monitoring matches 12 months a year in all corners of the globe.