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MEAN. This word is sometimes used for mesne. (q.v.)

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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X-bar chart of trends in response time for requests to collect blood for creatinine test in all inpatient areas for all orders between 6:00 am and midnight on weekdays only.
Here, I refer to old Reed-Kellog diagrams (1909), not to anything like government-binding x-bar diagrams or stratificational circuit-board diagrams.
X-Bar and R charts are a means to graphically monitor the process and to determine if it is in control (experiencing only normal random variation within an acceptable range) or out of control (changing due to some external influence).
A typical X-bar and R control chart is shown in Figure 1; it is a graphical display of a quality characteristic (the outer diameter of a bearing) that has been computed from a sample of three bearings versus the sample number or time.
The statistic to be inspected for the x-bar chart is the sample mean:
This conclusion was inferred from control charts (x-bar and range charts).
"You can look at the X-Bar chart and not have to guess what to do." Furthermore, SPC has enabled Poly-Bond to trim the start up time for each production run.
1) histogram, 2) X-bar and R, 3) High-Low, and 4) Pareto.
Subgroup averages ([bar.x]) of about five measurements are placed on the upper graph (x-bar chart), and the difference between the largest and smallest value in each subgroup is placed on the lower graph (R-chart).
The vertical axis of the upper graph in Figure 4 is x-bar, or the average force for all connectors of the same type on each PCB.
Capabilities for statistical processing and descriptive information include the ability to add comments at any point during the process and the ability to calculate average fun ctions and graph results using histograms and X-Bar & R charting.--Newage Testing Instruments, Inc.
Adjective position and combination are handled perceptively though descriptively, and X-bar theory might also have been exploited to explain instances of adjective incompatibility.