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CHRISTIANITY. The religion established by Jesus Christ.
     2. Christianity has been judicially declared to be a part of the common law of Pennsylvania; 11 Serg. & Rawle, 394; 5 Binn. R.555; of New York, 8 Johns. R. 291; of Connecticut, 2 Swift's System, 321; of Massachusetts, Dane's Ab. vol. 7, c. 219, a. 2, 19. To write or speak contemptuously and maliciously against it, is an indictable offence. Vide Cooper on the Law of Libel, 59 and 114, et seq.; and generally, 1 Russ. on Cr. 217; 1 Hawk, c. 5; 1 Vent. 293; 3 Keb. 607; 1 Barn. & Cress. 26. S. C. 8 Eng. Com. Law R. 14; Barnard. 162; Fitzgib. 66; Roscoe, Cr. Ev. 524; 2 Str. 834; 3 Barn. & Ald. 161; S. C. 5 Eng. Com. Law R. 249 Jeff. Rep. Appx. See 1 Cro. Jac. 421 Vent. 293; 3 Keb. 607; Cooke on Def. 74; 2 How. S. C. 11 ep. 127, 197 to 201.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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In a May 31, 1866 journal entry, mainly given over to a description of clouds and rain, we collide with a lone notation startling in its starkness, content to say no more than "Pater talking two hours against Xtianity." One cannot help being intrigued by speculation on what was said behind Hopkins's scant factual statement.
He admired Francis Newman and Clough, "thinking men, who I daresay will begin to speak out before many years are over, and protest against Gothic Xtianity" (Ray 2:121).
"I do not think the present social movements tend on the whole to uphold Xtianity," she wrote elsewhere to Webster, "thus thinking I cannot aim at 'women's rights'" (p.